Jamplay Vs Guitartricks Review: Why GuitarTrick is Better

It is hard to find someone who does not like the guitar. Guitars have been one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. The best thing about the guitar is, anyone can play it. But, for this, you need to learn it. Well, learning the guitar is not difficult if you have a good teacher. These days, finding a good teacher at a reasonable price is impossible. Hence, many websites are providing guitar lessons for beginners at an affordable price. One of the most popular ones are Guitartricks and jamplay.  While writing this review we have found that guitartick is better than Jamplay. Hence on this article we will only talk about guitartrick.

Guitartricks has been providing guitar lessons to guitar enthusiasts for quite a long time. It has been one of the most popular platforms among the beginners, intermediate and expert guitarists. So, why most people prefer this over other websites, well, let’s find out in this most updated Guitartricks review.

An Insightful Guitar Tricks Review

For the Beginners

If you are new to guitars, then Guitartricks is an excellent platform for you. It will ease you into the instrument very nicely. There are four main categories on the webpage, and the ‘Beginner Lessons is easy to navigate to.

The Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 course teaches you the essentials of guitar such as tuning the strings, playing simple chords and some lessons on rhythm. The great part of this is, you would be able to play the guitar instantly. It will feel like instructor Lisa McCormick is holding your hand and teaching it to you. You need to practice this for a week or so until you can do-it-yourself.

Then, moving onto level 2, here you will have play barre chords, power chords, different scales, and also the instruction to read music. This foundation will teach you to play songs from day 1.

For the Advanced Players

You already understood that Guitartricks is a very comprehensive and broad online course for the beginners. But, what does it offer to the experienced players? Well, quite a lot.

Sticking to the Core Learning System, the intermediate and advanced players can explore three different types of music, such as rock, country, and blues. There are two levels in each style. This helps you in learning and practicing other genres of music as well.

The later stages of this will help most of the experienced players. In many Guitartricks review, you will find that most experienced players mentioned their bank of songs. With different ranges of difficulty, there are over 700 songs.

The best thing is this song is categorized by “Absolute Beginners” to “Advanced” categories, and the difficulties are categorized by the small guitar scale.


With the availability of technology, it has become a must to have an app with the website. You can download the free app of Guitartricks for both iOS and Android and learn guitar on the go. The free version of the app offers a limited stock, but once you are upgraded, you will have access to the whole library of Guitartricks.

The cost

There are two choices when you are choosing the payment option. You can either pay 19.95 dollars every month or go for the annual fee of 179.99 dollars. If you love guitar and plans to stick to it, the yearly subscription will be the best for you as it saves 60 dollars.

Free Trial

Yes, you can use the free trial of Guitartricks for 14 days. So, even if you do not like them, you can cancel their membership.

Guitartricks has been earning popularity for its rich library and all benefits to the users. This Guitartricks review mostly focused on the general queries of the newbies.